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3 Popular Nitric Oxide Foods

Many people including bodybuilders will take nitric oxide foods and supplements to get more nitric oxide into their bodies. This gives them extra energy that can be used to workout for longer in the gym or at home.

There are several foods that contain nitric oxide you can eat at home and buy from almost all stores. Here are the top 3 nitric oxide foods:

#1 – Watermelon

There are no problems buying watermelons no matter where you live. They are a great source of nitric oxide and are also delicious to eat. It contains crucial amino acids such as L-Citruline that will vastly increase your levels NO in the blood.

#2 – Regular Eggs

The yolk in a regular egg is a great source of NO. So if you have stopped eating them then you might want to consider adding them back into your diet.

#3 – Nuts

Several kinds of nuts like pistachios are also good sources of NO as well as protein. A handful of nuts is often had by bodybuilders as a healthy snack and a way to get more NO into the bloodstream.

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This video shows other foods that contain NO:

Be sure to check out reviews of the best nitric oxide supplements before you decide to try one. Just a few minutes of research can often result in you getting a better quality supplement that will ultimately give you better results, the same as taking nitric oxide foods can.