List Of Nitric Oxide Side Effects

Nitric oxide is a compound that performs important roles in the body such as acting as a blood vessel relaxant. Nitric oxide controls the flow of blood to tissues and regulates the binding and release of oxygen to hemoglobin.

Bodybuilders often use nitric oxide supplements because they provide a post-workout pump and a quicker recovery time. Nitric oxide has shown in test results to have a connection to weight maintenance. Nitric oxide may also be beneficial to those recovering from surgery, as well as treatment for heart failure and artery disease. In addition, nitric oxide is also beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is commonly used to test growth hormone levels and can be a treatment that is effective for inborn errors of urea synthesis.

When nitric oxide supplements are taken as directed, they are safe; however, there are several nitric oxide side effects such as possibly worsening herpes symptoms; increasing a person’s risk of dying after a heart attack and lowering blood pressure. It is important to note that nitric oxide supplements interact poorly with nitrates and blood pressure medication. Possible side effects when interacting with nitrates and blood pressure are diarrhea, bloating, nausea, digestive discomfort, lower back pain, changes in blood sugar and leg restlessness.

Other positive ways that nitrate oxide provide are help with memory and behavior, a boost to the immune system, regulating blood pressure, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, increasing endurance and strengthening and assisting in gastric motility. Nitric oxide, in the form of nitroglycerin, has been quite beneficial when it comes to treating heart disease. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen.

Besides taking nitrate oxide supplements, you can also add it to your body by exercising. Diet is another way to increase nitrate oxide. Meats, nuts, fruits and dairy products are also effective in increasing nitrate oxide. Athletes and bodybuilders often take nitrate oxide supplements; supplements with L-arginine and L-citrulline. These supplements support the flow of blood and oxygen to the bone muscle.

In addition, these supplements also help to remove exercise-induced lactic acid build-up. This, in turn, reduces fatigue and recovery time. Keep in mind; aging, smoking, high cholesterol, diets high in fat and poor nutrition often occur with many, which causes nitric oxide deficiencies. However, by increasing your nitric oxide levels, you can increase your vitality, energy and overall wellness.

Nitric oxide has also been found to stimulate, invigorate and highlight sexual energy. Loss of libido and lack of sexual energy is sometimes treated with nitric oxide supplements. In addition, nitric oxide also provides long-term relief from pain that is associate joint inflammation and arthritis. Nitric oxide stimulates the anti-inflammatory mechanism in the body cells, which helps to reduce inflammation.

Nitric oxide is a toxic compound that performs important roles in the body such as acting as a blood vessel relaxant. However, if you have high blood pressure or an existing heart condition, it is important to talk with your doctor first before taking this supplement.

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